Victoria Beckham

Don't forget... Victoria Beckham: Coming to America airs tonight at 8:00pm on NBC.

Click here to watch a funny video of her driving.

I love this woman. I think she's like a modern-day Alexis Carrington.

When my friend Tracy and I went to Madrid a few years ago, we went to a Real Madrid game to watch David Beckham play. We know nothing about soccer and could not have cared less about watching the actual game... we went there solely to see Becks. Come to find out, he was sick that night and didn't play. Here are some photos of us at the big game:

Like dorks, we bought Real Madrid t-shirts and wore them to the game:

Mine said David Beckham on the back:

My old boyfriend wore it home from my apartment once and I never got it back. I hate him for it.

The steps there were very steep:

After the game, because we are cool, Tracy and I took pictures of each other in our hotel room because we decided that Tracy's sunglasses, when worn with our Real Madrid t-shirts, made us look like butchy police officers.

"Hold it right there."

"I said, 'down, on the ground.' Don't make me use force."

We are dorks.

Barbarella (Beverly)
"Yes, you are."

"Roger that."

(BTW, this is a new thing... Beverly and Elvis are going to be blogging at the bottom of some of my posts.)