Elvis: The Million Dollar Cat

Sorry for being MIA, Elvis has been sick again. After not eating for four days, he started vomiting and walking into walls and acting all crazy, so I took him to the emergency vet. (My vet takes Thursdays off.) They had to give him fluids through an IV and something else to settle his stomach.

Right now, he is home and just ate some raw tuna that I got at a sushi restaurant. So far he hasn't barfed it up.

Ah... pets. They become a part of your family. My friend Naomi said that she and her husband used to joke that their Bulldog Mulligan was the $10,000 dog because that's how much they spent on vet bills for him. Elvis is headed in that direction. (I'd spend a million on him, though, because he's my lil baby cakes.)

I'll be back tomorrow!