Elvis: Anorexic or HMC (High Maintenance Cat)?

So now that Elvis is okay, he's decided to stop eating.

For the past two days he hasn't touched his food and I've tried everything to get him to eat something. I sprinkled catnip on his food, I gave him tuna, I cooked him oatmeal—I mixed tuna with oatmeal, oatmeal with catnip, catnip with tuna, and he still wouldn't eat any of it.

But then this morning I figured out something: He'll only eat something if I'm eating it, and then he'll only eat it if I hand feed it to him. He doesn't want cat food or oatmeal or dried up catnip, no. He wants a turkey sandwich, dammit. And he wants it to be served to him.

This is further proof I'm being played for a sucker.

(Seriously though, I am worried about him and I'm watching him closely.)