Sarah Silverman on Paris at the MTV Awards

(Not literally "on" on... That would really be something though, no?)

Reason #4,512 why I love Sarah Silverman.

OMG, it was so rude and distasteful... but so freakin' funny.

UPDATE: I just watched a video of Paris in a car on the way to jail, and I feel kind of bad. She was sitting in the backseat with her mom and they were both wiping away tears. I'm a person who has to learn by making mistakes, like you can't tell me the stove's hot, I need to burn my hand on it to learn. Perhaps she's the same way; there's no doubt in my mind that the girl's sorry for what she did.

But then again, is she sorry only because she's going to jail? Or is she sorry because she realized what she did could have resulted in this? (Warning: link is graphic.) But if she learned a lesson, does the road she took to get there matter?

On another note, while I don't envy her sentence, I'm seething with jealously that she got one of these before me.