Beverly and Elvis Are High

I just picked up Beverly and Elvis from the vet and they're both high.

Beverly had her teeth cleaned and, unfortunately, had to to have a couple pulled. (It's a common thing in Yorkies... bad teeth.) The anesthesia hasn't quite worn off yet so she's stumbling around the apartment like a drunkard, all scraggly-faced from the procedure, panting because she's nervous (or jonesin' for more dope.)

Elvis was also put under because he had his lump aspirated so the vet can do a biopsy, but he was put under after Bev, so he's in worse shape than she is. The vet said that he's going to want to jump up on everything and will probably fall down, so I should put him in a small room, like the bathroom. I did that, but then he tried to jump up on the closed toilet seat and didn't quite make it, so he fell into a bowl of water on the floor and is now all wet, as is the bathroom.

I felt kind of bad, so I came up with the bright idea of putting Beverly's harness and leash on him and tying him to something so he can't get away, but that turned out to be a big disaster. Somehow he got his paws stuck up by his neck, so he started flipping around like a fish, and then stoned Beverly came out from underneath the bed and was all like, "What's going on? Why's he wearing my stuff? Hey, I got the munchies... Wait, why's there more room in my mouth?" Then she started panting like a derelict again...

Neither of them know what's going on. They don't even know they're at home—they both think they're on Cyclone right now...


I hope they don't get hangovers.