I Am Mary Clayton

I haven't been sleeping well lately. Tonight I slept for a couple of hours maybe and now I'm up. Even though I'm really, really tired I can't go back to sleep.

I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love. It is soooooooo good. If you haven't read it, you must run out and buy it now.

Anyway, I'd take my Sonata, but I've been trying not to take it because I don't want to become addicted. I got addicted to Xanax once and it wasn't pretty, but that's a story for another book. Back to the Sonata, I find that the more I take it, the more difficult it becomes to fall asleep without it. Actually... I haven't been sleeping well since I stopped taking it. Maybe this means I already am addicted.


I'm a junkie. I am Mary Clayton.