I'm a Really Good Singer

Okay, fine, maybe not... But I can sing this one line in "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie really, really well...

"And I'M gonna MISS you like a CHILD misses their BLANKET but I'VE got to get a MOVE on with MY life!"

I mean, I should be on stage when I sing that line. Seriously.

I'm also really good at "I'm up against the speaker tryin' to take on the music it's like a competition me against the beat I wanna get in the zone... I wanna get in the zone..."

And don't even challenge me on a "You must not know 'bout me, you must not know 'bout me!" And forget about "To the left, to the left..." and that long "Mmmm...." part right after it. I've got fancy wrist movements that are full of attitude to go along with this song, and they are so cool.

Oh! Just thought of another.... I will smoke you on every word of "The Jumpoff" by Lil Kim. If you don't have this song, you must download it now. It's so damn fun. "I got a man in Japan and a dude in Tahiti. Believe me sweetie, I got enough to feed the needy..."

Okay, that's all for my little musical outburst.