DUI & Breathalyzers

I'm not trying to give drunk drivers tips on how to get out of it, but I was just reading an article about Nicole Richie and it got me thinking... Can't you refuse to take a breathalyzer?

When I was in college, a guy I knew was pulled over for a possible DUI. He was in law school at the time, so he knew he could refuse to take a breathalyzer and did. I think it resulted in him being automatically arrested and maybe even having his license suspended, but when it came down to court, they didn't have any concrete evidence to convict him, so he was let off. Does anyone know about this?

Re: Nicole Richie... if she didn't take a breathalyzer and the only thing she did was admit to getting high and taking Vicodin... If her attorney finds a way to get her admissions thrown out, then they'd have a harder time convicting her, right?

Comments... Lawyers? Law school students? People with personal experience?