The Sopranos: I Knew It!

I guessed this "Tony Soprano Is Dead" theory right after "The Sopranos" finale ended, and then I told my friend Mark, and then he told his boyfriend David, and then David was all like, "No... that's not what happened," and then I felt stupid for reading too much into the ending because, to be honest, I really don't watch it that closely, so I never told anyone my theory for fear of being ridiculed.

That was a long sentence.

Fans of “The Sopranos” are seizing on clues suggesting the controversial blackout which abruptly ended the TV mob drama meant that Tony Soprano was rubbed out, and HBO said on Thursday they may be on to something.

In the final moments of Sunday’s concluding episode, Tony... sits in a diner with his family munching on onion rings as the 1980s song by rock band Journey, “Don’t Stop Believing,” blares from a juke box.

Tension builds as a suspicious man... eyes Tony from a nearby counter before slipping into a restroom. Then, as Tony looks toward the restaurant’s entrance, the screen abruptly goes blank in mid-scene — with no picture or sound for 10 seconds — until the credits roll silently.

“There are definitely things there that [Chase] intended for people to pick up on,” HBO spokesman Quentin Schaffer told Reuters. The biggest hint, according to a consensus taking shape on the Web, is a scene from an earlier episode in which Tony and his brother-in-law, Bobby Bacala, muse about what it feels like to die.

“At the end, you probably don’t hear anything, everything just goes black,” Bobby says while they sit fishing in a small boat on a lake..."

I mean, shoot... I'm never this insightful when it comes to "The Sopranos," and the one time I am, I keep it to myself. Dammit.

BTW, how good was AJ this season? In that last episode, when he looked at Carmella and was like, "You're so dramatic." It was so good. And when he was like, "We need to stop being so dependent on foreign oil." I just loved him.

BTWA (again), I know I've said this before, but even though he's a big and sloppy, I find Tony Soprano totally sexy. I think it's the power thing. Anyone with me on this?