Creature Comforts

I'm watching a new show on CBS called "Creature Comforts" and it's really, really funny.

From a recent article in the Washington Post...

Take heart, channel surfers. The first bright spot of the hot months arrives... and we've got a bunch of animated animals to thank for it.

Created by the British company responsible for the popular "Wallace & Gromit" movies, "Creature Comforts," an animated half-hour comedy debuting tonight at 8 on CBS, is clever and often hilarious.

The premise? The show's producers record the voices of "real people" throughout the country as they talk about everyday topics such as doctor visits, keeping secrets and the attraction between the sexes. These voices are bestowed upon various animal characters who all bear that familiar Claymationed "Wallace & Gromit" look.

Here's a clip:

The CBS website has tons more video.