A Pound of Fat

Has anyone else seen the drugstore display for the new diet pill Alli? The product doesn't come out until tomorrow, but the displays at the Rite Aid in my neighborhood have been up for a week and they are the most disgusting things EVER. A pound of fake, yellowy fat is affixed to them, and it made me wanna barf up my breakfast right there in aisle three and develop a serious case of anorexia. (Which I s'pose would make them effective.)

In case you haven't seen them, I took a picture for you. I tried to remove the fat from the display to show you how big it is, but it was glued down. (You know it'll only be a matter of time, though, before some bully kid pries it loose and throws it at the chubby girl on the playground.)

Anyway, here it is... a pound of fat. Click on it, make it bigger, really get a good look.

Makes you wanna scarf down a box of Bubble Gum Flavored Pop'ems, doesn't it?