Everyone, Please Meet Fashion Public

Bored with mainstream fashion that's produced for the masses?

So is my beautiful and brilliant friend Jill, the brains behind what will soon be every fashionista's favorite shopping website... fashionpublic.com.

Fashion Public is an online marketplace where customers can purchase boutique apparel and accessories directly from the designers who create them.

They're having a SAMPLE SALE in LONDON this Saturday, May 11th. Click the flier below for details and to RSVP.

PS... Jill was featured in an article in The Observor a couple weeks ago about female entrepreneurs.

THE E-RETAILER, JILL SIMON, ONLINE FASHION RETAILER -- American-born entrepreneur Jill Simon will launch fashionpublic.com, an online marketplace for independent fashion brands, in Britain this autumn... The retailer will target trendy individuals who don't follow the fashion pack.

'It's not Gucci, Pucci or Prada we'll be selling,' she says. 'This is for women who reject mass-market fashion.'

The website will provide designers with a route to market, without the overheads, in exchange for a commission on goods sold. Simon has been working with Sally Heale, an experienced fashion scout who has worked with store s such as Henri Bendel and Saks in the US. So far 150 brands have signed up. Simon says 80% of them have a proven track record, while the remainder will be newcomers breaking through.