Ramble About Gross People At Starbucks

So I'm sitting at a Starbucks on the upper east side and this totally irritating man comes up to me and wants to share my table. I say sure, fine, absolutely, sit down. But he doesn't, and instead starts moving the table as I'm sitting at it, typing. You see, he wants to lean against a wall and rest his arm here or there or something like that. But I can't type on my laptop when the table is shoved in the corner against the wall, so when the guy goes up to get his coffee, I move it back to where it's supposed to be... So when he comes back, he's all like, "Why isn't the table where I moved it?" Well sir, I can't fit my chair in the small space between it and the window when it's shoved in the corner like that. There are four other tables open, why don't you take one of those? "Because I want to sit here, the light is better." Well, fine, sit here, but you're not moving the table. So he sits at a different table, pulls out his paper, starts reading. People sit at the table next to him, start talking. He asks them to keep it down. They look at him, like, "Crazy fool." He continues to read his paper, then takes off his shoes.


Don't ever do this.