Come On Down

On behalf of spayed and neutered pets everywhere, I say God bless Bob Barker.

I have tears streaming down my face right now watching this tribute thing on CBS tonight. He just talked all about being anti-fur, and now Adam Sandler's out there on stage with him... God, what a legend.

I've always wanted to go on The Price is Right; I can't believe I never did. I mean, I never even tried, which is so pathetic. That's a lesson I guess—take full advantage of today's opportunities because they might not be around tomorrow.

Sure, sure... I know George Hamilton's going to take over for him, but it's not gonna be the same. I mean, what are they gonna call the Barker Beauties? The Harry Hookers? That doesn't sound right...

I can't believe I never got a chance to play Plinko, or spin the wheel, or compete in the Showcase Showdown. I'd so be that person who bet $1...