Here's a story about trusting your intuition.

Yesterday a bad storm blew through town. It was one of those storms where, on an otherwise nice day, it suddenly gets dark and gloomy and starts pouring down rain. I was working from home at the time and didn't think too much of it until my sister called from her cell phone asking me if I was okay. Apparently her little Connecticut town got hit really hard and she lost power.

But that's not all.

"The wind was so strong and the thunder so loud that I got a bad feeling," she said, "and something told me to take Nora and Jack into the basement." (For those of you who don't know, Nora and Jack are my niece and nephew. They are two years and three months old, respectively.)

After the storm passed, she went back upstairs. When she looked out the window she saw a fire truck and ambulance parked right in front of her house, smoke rising above both. Come to find out, lightening struck a tree and it fell through the roof of the house directly across the street from her. Directly. To give you an example of how big some of the trees are where she lives, a couple of the Christmas trees at Rockefeller Plaza have come from there.

The people inside the house weren't hurt, but they had to leave the house because it was declared structurally unsound. Isn't that terrible? To make it worse, the house was for sale, too. Talk about terrible timing.

Anyway, it wasn't a tornado, just a terrible storm, and about 60,000 people in the area lost power. My sister still doesn't have any, which means no phone, no water or toilet (electric pump), etc. Makes things difficult when you have two little kids.

My sister is going to be fine, but the moral of the story is to trust your intuition. Storms happen every year, but something told my sister to go in the basement during this one. Could've been her house.