Attention Serial Shoppers

Is your life one BIG fashion emergency? Are you stumped on where to find the most sought-after styles, suffering from withdrawal or simply clothes-minded? Then you need a dose of (FJ) — your shopping chaperon cluing you in on what to buy and where to buy it... before it’s passé.

FJ is the brainchild of Dara Fleischer, a self-confessed shopaholic. A few years back I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Fleischer at a book-signing of mine. Click here to see how fabulous she is.

Dara initially created FJ as a fun and frivolous diversion while she pursued a career in fashion and beauty publishing. Within weeks of launching, she quickly realized she was filling a void for the fashion challenged from across the globe, as she was inundated with emails requesting her advice for every conceivable quandary, from where to find discontinued lip-gloss to uplifting lingerie. After a series of high-profile jobs in PR and editorial, Dara inevitably followed her true calling by turning her passion for fashion into a full-time business. FashionJunkie’s mission is simple: to make the world a better-dressed place, one person at a time.

Dara currently shares an apartment in Manhattan along with her 107 pairs of shoes (each stored and labeled in their own plastic bin) and 68 handbags. She could be my idol.

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