The Truth About "Nut Brackets" by Alexyss K. Tylor

NOTE: The following post contains sexually explicit content.

I got my hot little hands on a SECOND Alexyss K. Tylor video clip and had to share it with you. This one is a special Halloween episode. In it, Alexyss discusses Vagina Power and Penis Power with her mother, and is dressed up as a pilot because she's "piloting the pussssssyy!" Meow!

Lessons learned from this episode:

  • Y'all got to be the pussy police, because if y'all don't be careful these men you are committing to is giving the dick away that's got to go up in your vagina.
  • A lot of men done took the wedding band off the finger because they know the wedding band is gonna be a noose around the nuts, a true "nut bracket" to lock them in and keep them in check so they don't give it to nobody else.
  • The penis and the testicles have no discretion because the pussy ain't got no face.
  • Men give dick away.
  • A lot of men try to meet up with other women to ration a piece of the dick out.
  • Government-rationed cheese is good but hard. It constipates and run up all in you and locks your bowels up.
  • Men got to keep their nuts busy.
  • Men get a "tingling" all in their nuts when their nuts bored.
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Alexyss' show, "Pussy Power," is on Atlanta Public Access TV9 at 9pm on Wednesdays.