My Important News

I had something to tell my friend Mark today so I called him at work. He didn't answer, so I hung up and called his cell phone. He didn't answer that either, so I hung up again.

After a couple minutes, I called his cell phone again. I was going to leave him a voicemail, but he picked up. "What do you need?" he whispered. "I'm on a conference call." It was then that I announced my big news:

"I just want to tell you that Beverly looks like Phil Spector today."

For those of you who don't know, Beverly is my dog. She needs a haircut really badly.

"That's why you called me three times in the last five minutes?" Mark asked quietly.

"Yes." I didn't mean to bother, but I had just come to a frightening realization and needed to share it with him.

He hung up.

Anyway, since he didn't seem to care, I thought I'd tell you.

Beverly looks like Phil Spector today. She needs a haircut.

There, I feel better. Here's a side-by-side. Click on it to make it bigger: