Support Your Independent Bookseller

This is a shout-out to BESTSELLERS Bookstore & Coffee Co. in Mason, Michigan. They're an independent bookstore that sells books and coffee, and they happen to carry my book.

Thank you, Bestsellers!

And now, a note...

Please support your local independent bookseller! I support the independent bookseller in my neighborhood... BookCourt on Court Street in Brooklyn. -->

Thank you, BookCourt, for being wonderful. (Even though you don't carry my books.)

I s'pose this might be partly my fault, though, because I've never said, "Hey, I live right around the corner... will you carry my books?" Because then what if they get the books, and what if no one buys the books? I mean, how embarrassing would that be for me? And then they'd feel weird when I visit, too, like... "Do we tell her that no one's buying her books?"

I'd go in there today and ask but I feel like the whole thing is a ship that's passed. They'd look up 20 Times, see that it came out in July, and be like, "You've been in here a thousand times since then, why haven't you asked us to do this before, silly?" And then I'd grumble and be like, "Well, I wasn't sure..." and I'd come across sounding like as a total loser, WHICH I AM because I haven't asked my local bookseller, OF WHICH I'M A REGULAR CUSTOMER, to stock my books.

Sh*t. When did I become so neurotic?

Now, wait, wait, wait—I'm forgetting to mention a couple of things. 1) They did carry Save Karyn when it came out; they just don't anymore. 2) I was under the impression that they were gonna carry 20 Times because I befriended a guy who worked there and he said he was gonna order it. But then he quit or got fired or something, and I looked and looked when the book came out and I couldn't find it. I think it was that small detail that made the whole "me asking" thing a little awkward. Like, was 20 Times on order and did they cancel it because the fired guy ordered it?

F*ck it. I'm gonna go in there this weekend and ask.

Do you work at an indie bookstore that carries my book? If so, let me know! And thank you!