Patrick Swayze and Sam Rock My World

My friend Sam started a blog called The Daily Pube and is inviting all Pretty in the City readers to stop by. (The name is a guy thing, I s'pose, kind of like farting and the WWF.) If Sam charged a cover or sold products, he'd give you all a coupon for money off, but he doesn't, so he didn't.

My favorite things on Sam's site are his random "Patrick Swayze" spottings. He has spotted Swayze at Mardi Gras, the Anna Nicole Smith trial, and the Oscars. The reason I like them is because I had my own run-in with Swayze last summer at my 20 Times a Lady book signing in Chicago. He showed up, uninvited, and sat on the edge of the table in his tap shoes the entire time. It was so irritating, every time I talked he'd interrupt. I'd be like, "Thanks for coming, I hope you liked the book," and he'd cut in like, "Did you see me in Road House?" Here's a photo:

Anyway, if you've had your own Swayze encounter or have spotted him somewhere recently, you should let Sam know and send him a picture. I'm sure he'd be glad to post it on his site.