Oh. My. God.

Rat Infestation At Taco Bell, KFC Restaurant In Manhattan

Click here to watch the Grossest. Video. Ever.

The most unsettling thing for me about this story is that I've eaten at this Taco Bell before. Just once though, about two years ago. It's in the middle of Greenwich Village, a couple blocks away from a good friend's apartment.

You see, despite how much I love Taco Bell (I'm a Taco Supreme fan), I rarely eat there because all Taco Bells fast food restaurants in NYC are gross, and the possibility of them being infested with rodents goes through my mind every time I so much as pass one. The only time I ignore this concern and indulge myself is when I'm hungover, which is what I was on this fateful day a couple years ago.

It was the day after a long night out, and I remember seeing the big bell on my way home and thinking, "Ooh... tacos." So I went inside and got some. I don't remember being particularly disappointed with the food, but I do remember thinking, "I'm never coming here again because this place is so disgusting."

Good reason to stop drinking.