Entertainment Blogs, Mags & Shows

I made a big decision today... I'm going to stop reading and watching trashy celebrity blogs, mags, and shows. (TMZ, X17 - the ones that hound celebs.) Now, I love hot, celeb gossip - who doesn't? - but the media has gotten so out of control lately that they've totally turned me off. I mean, I feel guilty reading some of the things I read.

Case in point... Paris Hilton.

I'm not sticking up for the girl and I'll admit that I've said some snarky things about her in the past, but I simply cannot believe that people think it's okay to publish her private pictures, videos, prescriptions for STD drugs, and medical records. Whether or not the girl "deserves" it is not the point. The point is that it's simply not okay to do that to ANYONE. It's human decency. Those things were her private belongings, that was her private life, and it's disgusting that people put it on the internet for everyone to see.

Also, enough with Britney. Leave the poor girl alone. She's obviously going through some things at the moment, but she's not a movie - she's a person. Put down the popcorn. And my God... she's NOT FAT. The girl is NOT FAT. She doesn't always wear the most flattering clothes, but she's NOT FAT.

And of course... I need to talk about Anna Nicole Smith. I'm stunned by the media's reaction to her death. Her tragic life was what Paris's, Britney's and Lindsay's antics are to us today - entertainment. Everyone sat back and watched her slur and fall down, and then made a joke about it and moved on. No one gave a sh*t about her. Find me an article that predates her death, an article in which someone expresses concern about her drug-use. CONCERN about her drug-use. It'll be like a needle in a haystack if you do. People simply accepted her as a complete and utter disaster; it was who she was. And then she dies and the media is broken up about it. Please... If you really cared about her, then you would've stopped booking her as a presenter for various shows, stopped repeatedly interviewing her, and stopped giving her endorsement deals. You would've - and perhaps should've - cut off the hand that feeds.

I don't mean to be preachy, but there's a line and I feel like I contribute to crossing it simply by reading and watching some of the ridiculous things I do. Reporting news is one thing, making a complete spectacle out of the misfortunes of others is another. I embarrassed to know half the things I do about some celebs, I truly am. So NO MORE!

Ah... I feel free.

UPDATE: Oh sh*t. Britney Goes Bald. See what I mean?

UPDATE 2: This is nice.