My Toe

Why does screaming make us feel better?

I was moving furniture this morning and accidentally dropped a brick on my toe. Don't ask how this happened or why I even have a brick in my apartment in the first place—bottom line is I'm a huge klutz. I shouldn't be allowed to move furniture. In fact, sometimes I think I shouldn't be allowed to walk amongst the people.

But back to my toe.

I cannot begin to tell you the pain I'm felt (and am still feeling) when it got smashed. I tried to deal with it by deeply breathing in and out, but after about a minute or so, the only thing I was capable of doing was screaming. And surprise! The screaming helped.

My toe is swelling up and turning black and blue right now. It's the little one next to the big one. I don't think I broke it though. Well, maybe I did—I wouldn't know a broken toe from, err... an unbroken one—but I'm going to wait it out before I seek medical attention.

Bev and Elvis don't know what to do with themselves right now. Hearing and watching Mommy scream in pain did not sit well with them.

I'm going to scream again.

UPDATE @ 10:25AM: I've stopped screaming. Elvis is over my drama. Beverly is still staring at me intently.