Elvis Has Left The Building (The Brooklyn One)

Elvis - My catSomeone said they feel badly for Elvis because he never gets to come to my sister's house in Connecticut. (In the comments section of this post.)

Well, I just want to let everyone know that he's here with me right now. I decided to stay through New Year's, so I went all the way back home to Brooklyn a couple days ago to get him because I felt badly about leaving him alone for so long. (The cat sitter only stays a half-hour or so and he needs WAY more love than that.) I'm such a good Mommy.

He's upstairs in my room right now, probably sitting on a shirt of mine, smelling it, no doubt thinking, she's so super-cool. Elvis is obsessed with me. Like sometimes I awake in the middle of the night to find him sitting on my pillow, staring at me, which is WAY freakier than Beverly doing it every once in a while from across the room because he's like an inch from my face. Love that little bugger.