Well, Hello Kitty!

I really want this Hello Kitty, um... shoulder massager.

From The New York Times... "Is Hello Kitty Turning Feral?"

Back in 1997, Sanrio, the Japanese creators of the feline character known as Hello Kitty, introduced the Hello Kitty shoulder massager through a licensee. Unknown to Sanrio, the product soon made its way into adult stores as a sex toy.

But after two years, the massager was discontinued.

Now Sanrio has reintroduced the Hello Kitty massager through a new licensee, Asunarosya. And the company is insisting on the product’s original stated purpose: to ease aching shoulder muscles.

For now, the portable massager, featuring a pink or black shaft and a handle in the shape of a kitten with a matching hair bow, is sold in Japan only, although it can be purchased for 1,260 yen (a little over $11) from the Sanrio Japan online store. Ms. Sobel said that the shoulder massagers are not a popular category with Americans, so there are no plans to distribute them in the United States."

No plans to distribute them in the United States? What, we don't have shoulder pain here? Bitch.

I know I made fun of Mariah Carey's Hello Kitty room, but this is... different.