Bungee Jumping

I just watched Ann Curry bungee jump on the Today show (I got my TV!) and I want to do it!

I can't believe I've never been bungee jumping or sky diving. What a poser.

This year, instead of making fluffy new year resolutions (be nicer, eat less, exercise more), I'm going to make bolder, more concrete ones... a definitive list of things to do by year-end. On that list...

  1. Bungee jump

UPDATE: Oh, Nick Lachey is on! You all know how much I like him. He's talking about this show he's on tonight, Clash of the Choirs. Neat concept. I'm going to record it. (I had to get a new cable box with my new TV, so I finally got a DVR.)

UPDATE 3: Gloria Estefan is singing now. She has terrible red hair.