Movies, Movies, Movies

Now I don't mean to brag (yes, I do), but one of the perks of being a WGA member is that each award season I receive DVD screener copies of a bunch of good movies in the mail (most of which are still in the theater) so I can vote for them in the Writers Guild awards. So far this season I've received...

Into the Wild • The Kite Runner • 3:10 to Yuma

Away From Her • Zodiac • Knocked Up

Margot at the Wedding • There Will Be Blood

As if those movies aren't exciting enough, today I just got...

Juno • The Savages

Yay! Of all the movies this season, these are the two that I've wanted to see the most.

Click here to visit the official site for Juno and watch the trailer.

Click here to visit the official site for The Savages and watch the trailer.

I'd watch them right now except that my old TV is gone and my new TV hasn't arrived yet so I'm pretty much out of luck. (It's really quiet in the apartment.) I could watch them on my computer but I don't want to compromise the experience, you know what I'm saying?

Has anyone seen any of the movies above yet? If so, thoughts?