Splish Splash, I Was...

Not taking a bath!

Don't let the exclamation point mislead you, I didn't get my bath this weekend and I'm not happy about it.

I was supposed to take it on Saturday while Mark was at a Broadway show (Surprise! A gay man went to a Broadway show!), but I stayed out realllllly late Friday night and had a reallllly hard time getting out of bed Saturday morning so I missed my window.

Yes, I know it's my fault for this happening and I take full responsibility for it. But the reason I was out so damn late in the first place was because I was celebrating Mark being in town, so it's only because I love him so much that this happened.

But do you think he realized this? No.

When I asked him if I could take my bath Saturday night or Sunday morning, he said "no," and that it was my fault for "staying out so late."

Whatev. I'd let him take a bath in my tub if he were hung over. I might even grab a sponge and help him lather up.

Anyway, I have a plan to get another bath this week. I'll keep you posted about it.