Pretty In Pink

I bought this cute hoodie for my nephew Jack today at Brooklyn Industries.

When I told my sister that it had pink lettering on it, she was like, "Pink?"

It doesn't look girly, does it? I mean, sure... pink's traditionally a feminine color, but a lot of men wear it today. Case in point, Ashton Kutcher in a pretty pink suit...

He's all dude in that thing... and that's a whole lotta pink.

And there's nothing girly about the guy from "The Office" in this pic...

Jim's looking good fo sho.

And how can I leave out the leading men in Bollywood as seen in this FABULOUS YouTube video...

India (and Aerosmith) knows what's up. Pink's not just for the ladies anymore.

(Poor Jack... Next week I'll have him I lavender booties.)