My Friend Laura

Please meet my friend Laura. Laura and I went to high school together and also worked in Chicago together. I had dinner with her and her husband Tom while I was in LA but never posted about it because I looked like butt in all the pictures and I'm vain. Anyway, here she is with her husband, Tom:

Could they be a cuter couple?

I went through my photo album and found this picture of us back in the day.

(I'd prefer if you didn't leave comments about my TALL bangs and bushy eyebrows even though both are quite impressive.)

Laura has a dog named Wrigley and a cat named Chumley—both of whom have the hots for Beverly. Wrigley does a pretty good job of keeping his amorous feelings at bay, but Chumley's out of control. He calls Bev at all hours of the night and sends her dirty emails... it's crazy. I wouldn't worry much if Chumley were a normal cat, but he's not—he's psycho. In fact, he and Laura are going to be on the premiere episode of a new Animal Planet show called "Cat Calls" because he's so crazy. Here's a link to the promo for it.

Anyway, please stop by Laura's blog, Live Happy, and say hello to her.

COMING SOON... The Beverly and Chumley Love Letters