Ryan Adams Halloweenhead Concert

Hello everyone! I'm alive after the Ryan Adams concert last night. I had sooo much fun. So funny... I'm such a light-weight. I had three drinks over a period of three hours and I was a mess. Well, not really a mess, but I was happily buzzed, let's just say that. Gosh, remember the days in college when you could drink three times that amount and get up and go to class the next day? Changes as you get older...

Anyway, not that any of my regular readers care, but a lot of people have been stumbling across my blog today while searching for reviews of the show last night, so here are my thoughts on it:

Vocally-speaking, I thought Ryan performed the best I've ever seen him perform. He had such control over his voice, way more than I think he's ever had. Also, I've always thought he sounded a little bit like Neil Young, but last night the similarity was almost eerie.

As for The Cardinals, they played really tight last night. (I totally felt like a guy when I typed that... so something a guy would say.) They were so in-sync with one another and sounded great.

The show in general, though, was a little too mellow for my liking. The set consisted of a lot of ballady tunes, and Ryan and the Cards kept going into all these lengthy jams... it reminded me of a Dead show. While a mellow show isn't necessarily bad, I think the crowd last night wanted something a little more upbeat. It was Halloween, after all, and it was a New York show. (I'm not saying he brings it more for New York as opposed to other places, but it is his home base.)

Anyway, my favorite song of the evening was "I See Monsters," which was the last song of the second set. He rocked the end of it in a big way. If he had gone out on this, I would've been the happiest camper alive, but he came back for a snoozer encore of three mellow songs.

All in all, though, I still loved the show. But then again, Ryan Adams could've burped out all his songs and I'd probably still be pretty happy... I just love him that much. It amazes me he isn't more popular than he is. He's such a talent, both as a performer and a songwriter.

To all my regular readers who don't listen to him, he's going to be on David Letterman tonight, so check him out!