The Dinner Report

So dinner ended up being pretty okay! Yay Karyn!

I simply don't know how people cook every night, though. I mean, it took me all day to plan and prepare this meal. People like Mark's boyfriend David amaze me. He gets up around seven o'clock every day, leaves the house by eight, works all day, gets home around 7:30-ish, prepares a meal far more extravagant than what I made last night and has it on the table by 8:30. It's just so much work.

Here's David:

He's an angel sent from heaven.

Here's the lowdown on how everything turned out:

The Creamed Corn

The creamed corn was surprisingly easy. It wasn't heavy and mushy like some other creamed corns I've had, but firm and juicy. I think cutting if off the cob made all the difference. I will definitely make this recipe again, maybe for Thanksgiving. Mark liked the corn the best and had second helpings. Tracy enjoyed it, too.

"Let's smile and pretend we like it."

The Chicken Roll-Ups With Goat Cheese And Arugula

The chicken roll-ups were good, but they were a little dry and bland. I always overcook chicken. Something about salmonella just doesn't sit with me.

I think they might be tastier if you substituted basil leaves for the arugula, or maybe just added a couple to each one. I'd also use an herbed goat cheese next time instead of a plain one. All-in-all they were good, but they needed a little more something.

The only other mistake I made (aside from slightly overcooking them) was that I used colored tooth picks to secure them and the color ran onto the chicken. See the little blue dot?

Blue toothpick. This isn't a big deal if it's just you and your friends, but it's worth making a note about.

The Salad

I didn't follow any of the directions for the salad and instead made my own. I have no idea what I did with regards to the dressing. I just added a couple different kinds of flavored olive oil and a citrus and balsamic vinegar and it all turned out just dandy.

The Banana Rice Pudding

The pudding tasted good right out of the pot when it was warm and creamy, but the directions said to chill it, and chilling it made it dense and somewhat dry. I don't know how Kozy Shack keeps their's so smooth. Next time I'm gonna serve this warm.

Also, I had some problems with the vanilla bean. I've never cooked with vanilla beans before, so when the directions said to shave the bean, I literally shaved it with a peeler right into the pot. I didn't know I was supposed to open it up and scrape out the insides. This boo-boo didn't alter the taste of the pudding at all, but we had to pull long vanilla bean shavings out of it when we were eating. See?

Oops. Lesson learned.

Anyway, that's it!

You know, I don't cook often, but I have to say this was fun. I think blogging about it was what made it fun, though, so maybe I'll do it more often. I'll be like that Julie & Julia lady.

Thanks for all your comments and help!