I Love Method Products

About a year ago, I was at Mark and David's house in LA and, even though they have a maid, found myself cleaning like a mad woman. It's not that I like cleaning (in fact, I hate it), but they had all these Method products that smelled really pretty and I don't know... they made cleaning fun.

Anyway, when I got home from their place, I went to Method.com and wrote the folks over there a little note telling them how much I liked their products and, in the process, signed up to become a Method Advocate. Since then, I've been getting all kinds of free stuff in the mail. They've sent me cleaning products, microfiber cloths, t-shirts, body lotion and even some soap. Every time I get something I brag about it to all my friends but I've never written about it on this here blog until now. (Bad Karyn, bad!) I just got the coolest bag in the mail:

It's so pretty and so green and I love green! It's one of my favorite colors ever! It makes me feel like I'm twelve, seriously. Is that weird? It's just a happy color, I don't know...

Anyway, to find out how you can get your own "Plastic Bag Rehab" bag like the one above for FREE (and to find out how you can help fight plastic bag waste, which is really the purpose of the bag), visit givegreener.com.

If you haven't tried method products, I highly recommend that you do. They smell pretty, look pretty, and work pretty damn well. Yay Method!

PS - I'm not getting paid to write this. (But if anyone from Method is reading, thanks for all the free stuff and keep on sending!)