Criss Angel on Larry King

Can't sleep. Watching Criss Angel on Larry King. I can't find a clip online, so I took a picture of the TV with my camera. (I'm ghetto like that.)

All I wanna know is why, why, why is he wearing his hat to the side like that? What gang is he in? The Vegas Performer Bloods? Like it's him, David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy? Wayne Newton is the leader? Does he know how moronic he looks? The only thing that would be worse is if he wore a visor like this:

Also, he just showed off his car collection and he's got a Rolls Royce. How much money do you think this dude makes? I need to be a magician.

Ooh! A random story... I wanted to be a magician's assistant when I was little. (I didn't think girls could be magicians. Sad, isn't it?) The bookmobile from the library used to come to my neighborhood every other week and I used to check out books on magic tricks. That's all for my story. Lame, I know.