My Rude Neighbors

Two girls moved in to the apartment below me a few months ago. We've passed each other in the hallway a few times and have said hello, and they seemed nice enough, so when I saw that they were having problems receiving a package last week, I offered to help.

We live in a brownstone on a very busy street, so delivery people can't just leave packages for people in the building—even if you sign the little slip they leave for you. Someone needs to be home to accept it, which can be a problem if you have a job that requires you to go to an office every day. If you miss the three attempts most delivery people make, you have to go to the UPS or FedEx receiving place (which are far away and inconvenient) and pick it up there.

Anyway, last week I saw that my new neighbors were leaving notes for the UPS guy, trying to get a particular package, so I left a note on their door saying that I work from home and don't mind signing for packages if they need me to. I said, "If you know you are going to be receiving something, just pop up and let me know, and then put a note on the door for the delivery guy, asking him to ring my buzzer. If I'm not home, I'm usually in the neighborhood and will be happy to rearrange my schedule."

I never heard from them so I assumed they didn't need me to sign for this particular package (I thought maybe they picked it up or something), so when I woke up the next day, I made plans to run errands before going to my sister's house for the weekend. When I went downstairs to get coffee, however, I saw a note for the UPS guy from them that said, "Please ring Buzzer X. Neighbor will sign."

I thought it was kind of rude that no one popped up to 1) Thank me, and 2) Say, "Yes, we do need you to sign for a package tomorrow," but whatever. Maybe they were in a hurry leaving for work or something and didn't have time. The delivery guy ended up coming before I left anyway, so I signed for their package, brought it inside, and put it by their door. I then left for the weekend.

When I got home yesterday morning, there still wasn't a note on my door thanking me, or even one just telling me they received their package. I didn't do this to make friends, I was simply doing a neighborly thing, but I don't think it's too much to expect a thank you. They took time to write the UPS guy five notes last week, they could've taken two seconds to write "Thank you" on a post-it note and stick it on my door. Right?

I don't know why I posted this except that I wanted to comment on how rude people can be. I mean, it's simple manners. I'm not a doorman—I'm a neighbor who volunteered to rearrange my schedule to sign for a package that wasn't mine.

See if I do it again, bitches.