QUICK! I Need A Good Recipe

I am going to make dinner tonight and I need a good recipe. Mark's boyfriend David is like a gourmet chef and makes these fabulous dinners every night so mine needs to be good!

Last time I did this I made a chicken enchilada casserole and Mark and David made fun of me. Well, they didn't really make fun of me, but they sat there and ate it with little smirks on their faces.

Does anyone have a good one? My friend Tracy has a good macaroni & cheese recipe, but it's a side, so I'd have to make a main course with it, too. I like all-in-one recipes like casserole so I don't have to make a million things. I'm not a good juggler; something always gets burned or gets served cold.

I need to find one by 2:00 PM PST (two hours) so I can go to the grocery store. If you have one, please put a link in the comments section or the whole recipe if it's easy. You can also send me an email. My email address is in the sidebar to the left.

Thank you!