Problems On The Way To The Market

4:28 PM: So I've already encountered problems.

I was doing laundry before I left and every pair of undies I brought with me and my bra were in the wash. So now I'm walking to the grocery store in a skirt and t-shirt and nothing else.

I'm so pathetic. I feel like Britney.

Oh yeah... I'm wearing a fanny pack, too. (I needed something to carry my stuff in!)

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UPDATE 5:44 PM: I made it back from the grocery store safely. I brought Bev with me so she could get a little exercise. Here she is in the cart at the Mayfair Market:

I have to hide her in grocery stores because dog's aren't allowed. That's why she's in her bag.

Okay, cooking now! Check back for pictures!

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UPDATE 7:05 PM: Pudding's done!

I couldn't find normal salt so I used sea salt. Is that bad?

Moving on to the corn!

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UPDATE 7:45 PM: Corn's ready to be cooked!

No canned corned here.

Moving on to the chicken rolls!

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UPDATE 8:30 PM: Everything's cooking and the salad is ready!

I didn't follow the salad recipe and ended up making my own. I added avocado, cherry tomatoes and green onions to the lettuce, and then used sea salt, fresh ground pepper, olive oil and couple different kinds of vinegar for the dressing.

Mark came home from work and turned the TV on so I'm not listening to Paris Combo anymore, but I'm still currently drinking a martini.

UPDATE 9:05 PM: We're eating, we're eating!

More pictures coming shortly.