Karyn Loves Artanker

You have to watch this video I found via Curbed. It totally seems like something you'd see on SNL, like the guy in it would be played by Will Ferrell.

His name is Artanker and he's a musician and an "interloper."

in·ter·lop·er (ĭn'tər-lō'pər)

  1. One that interferes with the affairs of others, often for selfish reasons; a meddler.
  2. One that intrudes in a place, situation, or activity.

I need to go to Kensington and meet him.

UPDATE: I can't get enough of Artanker. I love him. I found his MySpace page and you'll never guess what was on it... an extended version of the above video:

His voice is so soothing. He needs to come out with a meditation CD of some kind. Or maybe a hynosis CD. He could help people stop smoking.