Halloween Treats

I had so much fun cooking dinner at Mark and David's house in LA and blogging about it (read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4) that I've decided to do the same thing again this Friday but with Halloween treats of some kind.

I'll be at my sister's house in Connecticut for the big Halloween parade on Saturday (Nora's going to be a princess, and Jack, a dragon), so I'll have a normal kitchen to cook in, unlike the tiny one in my apartment.

Right now I'm thinking of making frosted sugar cookies in the shape of pumpkins and cats, but that's not very exciting, so if anyone has any other ideas, let me know! I'm looking for treats that a two-year-old can help make. (Things with sprinkles and frosting!)

Anyway, please send me your suggestions and then tune in on Friday! I'll document the process again, from shopping to eating, but this time it will be more fun because this two-year-old will be helping:

Nora at the Minnesota State Fair