Pizzeria Mozza

Last night I ate at Pizzeria Mozza for my friend Mark's birthday. Pizzeria Mozza is a Mario Batali restaurant and it was just named the best pizza in LA. LA doesn't do pizza very well, so this was no big feat, but I'm happy to report that Pizzeria Mozza could definitely hold its own against even the best NYC pizza.

Please note, I'm no foodie—I'm breaking this down for you like I would for a friend. Also, I didn't take pictures of the food so I linked to some Flickr photos from people who did so you can see what I'm talking about.

Of the pizzas, we had the following:

If you ever find yourself at Mozza, the bianco/sage pizza is a must-order. It was everyone's favorite. Sottocenere is a truffle cheese, and if you've ever had truffles, you know how damn tasty they are. The pizza was rich and creamy—truly delectable!

The fennel sausage pizza was also delish, but I thought the fennel overpowered the pizza a bit. It was a little too strong.

If you like your pizza to have a little kick, then the salame/chile pizza is for you. My friend Tracy ordered it and it was her favorite of the four.

The littleneck clam pizza turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment. Our server suggested it, but it was a little too fishy for all of our liking.

If I ever go back to Mozza, I'm going to order the egg and radicchio pizza. It looked fabulous and is supposed to be a tasty one.

As far as appetizers go, the roasted vine tomatoes, burrata cheese, and olive oil appetizer was mouth-watering. Burrata cheese is like a mozzarella, but a little bit creamier. It was kind of half-melted over olive oil with the roasted tomatoes on top. Nummy!

For dessert, the butterscotch budino was to die for. "Budino" is pudding in Italian, but this seemed more like a custard than a pudding to me. Like it was rich and sweet, but not too heavy. (I always think custards are lighter than puddings, maybe I'm wrong.)

One final note. No one would share the chicken liver bruchette with me, so I didn't order it. Does anyone else out there like chicken liver pate and/or foie gras, or am I in the minority here?