The House That Punk'd Built

I was at the doctor's office yesterday thumbing through magazines (I'm all healthy, thanks) when I stumbled upon the March 2007 issue of Architectural Digest which featured pictures of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's Beverly Hills home.

Um... can you say gorgeous?

I've posted a couple pictures from the issue below, but to see the rest, visit Architectural Digest's website. Once you register (it's free), log in and click this link:

I love houses that make you feel like you're outside when you're inside, that bring nature in, make it part of the decor.

Random story... When I was maybe 14 years old, I used to subscribe to Architectural Digest. I wanted to be an interior designer or an architect when I grew up, and I loved the magazine, loved the houses inside.

At the end of each issue they usually listed a bunch of multi-million dollar houses for sale, and most of them had addresses that you could write to to request more information, so I did.

After a while, I started getting all sorts of huge color brochures and booklets in the mail, complete with floor plans, etc. I used to imagine that I lived in each house and would "decorate" all the rooms with stuff I found in the Spiegel catalog. (Ha ha... like you'd ever decorate houses like these with stuff from a Spiegel catalog.) I took all this very seriously, like I'd make lists of everything I needed, add it up, and then block out where everything would go on paper.

Anyway, I must've listed my phone number on one of the request forms, because someone called my house one day to follow-up, thinking I was an interested buyer. My step-dad answered the phone and ended up telling them I was in high school. I was so mortified. I mean, when you're that age, pretty much everything embarrasses you. I thought I was going to be blackballed from the decorating world.

Anyway... that's a dumb, silly story, but I just remembered it and wanted to share it with you.