Dental Profiling

I think I'm aiding and abetting a drug dealer right now.

I'm sitting at Starbucks, next to a guy with a laptop. He seems nice, harmless. His phone keeps ringing, and he keeps asking me to watch his stuff while he "runs outside."

Anyway, he disappears around the corner for a few minutes and then comes back. He's done it three times already.

I've checked out what he's doing on his computer and he's not working or anything, he's watching videos on YouTube. Oh, and he's got a mouth full of gold teeth, did I mention that?

UPDATE: It's been a few minutes since I posted this, and I'm worried about something...

Am I guilty of "dental profiling" with regards to this guy? I never would've thought he was a drug dealer if it weren't for the gold teeth. I mean, yes—his behavior is kinda peculiar (the constant disappearing right after he gets a phone call)—but it's the teeth that makes me think he's pushing the junk. I mean, you can't be a banker with teeth like that, right? Still, I feel bad. I'm going to start a conversation with him and get the scoop. BRB.

UPDATE 2: I tried to think of a clever thing to say to him to start conversation, but I couldn't. I momentarily thought about showing him this post for laughs, but decided not to. I mean, how creepy would that be? A person you don't know shows you a book about cooking with pooh. Now who's the shady one—him or me?

Anyway, he left two more times which made me think my profile was right on, but then this cute girl comes and joins him and she so isn't the type to hang out with a drug dealer. They start talking about school and computers and stuff, and he tells her how some girl was supposed to bring him notes from a class he missed. The girl then calls her mom and he talks to her on the phone and he's super nice. I'm beginning to think he's not a drug dealer anymore.

UPDATE 3: He just told a story about how he had a mouse in his apartment and he got a glue trap instead of a real one because he wanted to do the humane thing and set it free. He so isn't a drug dealer. Dental profiling is wrong. I was wrong. I'm glad I shared this story with you, though. Maybe it will help us all think twice next time we judge someone by their teeth.