My Starbucks Music Video

Did you know that if you buy a Starbucks gift card you can get two free iTunes downloads? You can. I'm at Starbucks right now and just bought one for Elvis' cat sitter, Chris the songrwriter, as a little thank you for taking care of my baby. I got one for myself, too, for the free music.

So anyway, I just downloaded the new Jennifer Lopez song "Do It Well." It's one of those sassy songs that makes me wanna move. Like I'm having a problem sitting still in my seat right now. I wanna stand up and strut around this joint like I own it. I wanna sing and dance like I'm in a music video. I can imagine it now... I'd go from table to table and sing...

"I ain't ever met a man like that—NOOO!
I ain't ever fell so far, so fast—NOOO!
You can turn me on, throw me off track
Boy you do it, do it
You do it, do it
You're doin' it well!"

All the customers would go to take a sip of their coffee but spill it down their chins when they see me. And then I'd jump up on the tables and start hopping around, kicking pumpkin cream cheese muffins everywhere. One would hit a really grumpy manager in the head and he'd get angry and come up to me and try to kick me out, but I'd take ahold of his green apron and tell them how it is so he'd back off. This would make all the baristas happy because they really hate him, so they'd start getting into it, throwing coffee beans around and flipping cups in the air like Tom Cruise in "Cocktail." Pretty soon the whole place would be singing and dancing in unison, and the manager would be pissed so we'd lock him up in the pastry case. He'd bang on the little glass window to get out, but we'd ignore him and keep on dancing like we were in "Grease" or something.

That would be fun.

But back to reality.

I also bought the new Alicia Keys song, "No One." It's sooo good.

Oh! One more random thing that's kinda related to the above because it's about music...

I tried to teach Nora the "Umbrella" song about a month ago. Yes, she's only two years old, but it's a nice, clean song with a friendly message so I thought it was okay. Anyway, I didn't think she was getting it, so I sort of gave up, but the other day my sister said they were at the park and Nora came down the slide and went, "Under my umbrella, ella, ella, ay, ay, ay..."

Love her.