Emmi Yogurt


This is the best yogurt I've ever eaten in my whole life:

Emmi Swiss Premium Lowfat Plain Yogurt

That's right, plain.

Plain yogurt is usually so gross, but this Emmi kind is unbelievable! I bought it on accident at a super-cutesy little supermarket by my apartment (okay, fine—overpriced specialty grocer) and it's the best yogurt I've ever eaten in my WHOLE LIFE. Like all I had was one container and I'm hooked. Maybe for life!

Here's the container:

It's just so creamy!

As I was writing this post I did a little research and guess what I learned? Emmi has somewhat of a cult following. I'm not the only one who feels this way about it—yay!

You must buy Emmi today.

UPDATE: According to Emmi's website, you can buy it at these stores.

UPDATE 2: I hear the pink grapefruit flavor is good, too. I'm going to buy boatloads of it later today and will tell you how it is.