A few random thoughts...

- Jack Bauer is a badass.

- I'd like to see an episode where Jack takes a catnap. It would be one solid hour of him sleeping.

- Does Jack go to the bathroom? Eat? What would a season of 24 be like if Jack suddenly got IBS?

- I recently read an article that said men masturbate 6-8 times a week, or once daily. Just wondering when (if) this happens...

"Mr. President, this is Jack Bauer, we have a situation." (Uncomfortable pause as Jack gets the urge.) "Actually sir, could you hold on? I'll be right back."

- Jack Bauer is a badass.

UPDATE: I also read that the average person passes gas about eight times a day. At this rate, Jack should be letting one loose every third episode. Idea for a show open:

"This week on 24..." (Jack rips one.)

They could even center a whole episode around a silent but deadly one. No one knows where the mysterious gassy smell is coming from...

Check back later to see what a season of 24 in my life would look like.