My Taste Buds and I Are Alive and Well

Hi y'all! I'm multi-tasking right now. I'm going to Costco with my sister and thought I'd write an update at the same time. I just recovered from my sickness a couple days ago. I had a cold and it lingered, lingered, lingered... Yuck. But it's all gone now and life is good.

Anyway, while lying in bed this past week, I came to a realization. At some time or another we've all been asked or have contemplated whether we'd rather be blind or deaf, well I'd like to add something to that that's almost just as bad. I wasn't able to taste anything for a week and it made life so much less enjoyable. I've heard about people who have bum taste buds for some reason or another and I really feel sorry for them. Being able to taste food rocks.

This is a very deep posting, I know. Ha ha.

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