Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on my MySpace page and blog!

WARNING: If you have an aversion to exclamation points, stop reading now.

It was her birthday, too, so wish her a happy belated!

Laura in Manchester
A hot little thang in the UK!

My favorite Texan EVER!!!!! A true beauty with lucious lips and killer style!

She's waiting to hear how she did on the Georgia bar exam, so wish her luck!

A sassy chick from the MIDWEST!

I have HOT, SEXY dreams about smoochin' this DREAMBOAT, but I don't think I'm his type.

One of my favorite Chicago gals of all time who came to my Chicago book signing!

It's Teeeee!
A fellow Libra and all-around gorgeous California gal!

Karin with an "i"
A true BEAUTY and fellow Dolly Parton lover! Her MySpace page makes me smile!

My favorite Aussie of all time who will hopefully move to NYC soon!

Gorgeous, fellow-singleton, fellow-G. Love-lover, fellow Yorkie-lover!

From the lovely country of Croatia!

Admitted to having a girl-crush on me, which made me have a girl-crush on her!

Violet Virus
From Singapore. Her blog is called "P.H.A.T." for "Pretty Hot And Tempting." LOVE IT!

Legally Blonde
I don't know who you are, because you didn't link to a website, but thanks!

Save Sheila
Fellow shopaholic working hard to pay down that debt! Despite her not having any money, she bought $20 worth of raffle tickets to help Animal Haven. (I just gave her her $20 back.) Give her a buck, help her out!

Another Aussie, but with blue hair!

A winner of the Love, Sex & My Ex contest (Thumb D*ick) and a fabulous chick!

Rocket Queen
The future Mrs. Axl Rose, and anyone who loves GNR is a friend of mine!

Followed me since the early days of Save Karyn and I love her for it!

Leigh Ann
Has paid off all but $5,000 of a $20,000 debt which she deserves a medal for! Thank you for being such a loyal reader, Leigh Ann. You are a true ROCK and ROLL SUPA-STA!

Another girl who donated to Animal Haven! She also sent me a REAL birthday card in the mail! Loretta, Loretta, Loretta, how I do love thee. THANK YOU!!!!

Another Karyn with a "y"! She's a beautiful Brit with a sexy little belly button ring! (I can see it in your slide show!)

Fellow Columbia College Chicago graduate who came to my Save Karyn book signing in LA three years ago. She's getting married in two weeks, so send her best wishes!

Recently moved from Utah to Minneapolis. Loves it, but misses the mountains! Send her sweet love! And how much do you love this?

The Gramatically Shielded Armadillo
You probably won't be able to see her MySpace page, but trust me when I say that Riva is a 14-year-old BEAUTY! She has the following quote on her MySpace page:
"A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway." -- J. Cummings

Chris and I go WAAAAAY back to when Friendster was the hot thing. Love him!

Smartest Person EVER!
Admits to having "partied too much in her early twenties." Um... didn't we all? And um... aren't some of us still? Great MySpace page! XX

Sent me a Chicago Sun-Times press clipping that I wanted so very much. Thank you! Alani loves a good Irish parade, dresses up her cat for Halloween, and is a member of a karaoke group on MySpace. So Alani, I was singing karaoke on Saturday night... "Love the One You're With." Good song that got the crowd going (despite my off-key rendition.) I highly recommend it.

A fellow Brooklynite who became my friend after reading my Yorkie Vagina post that was linked from Gawker. Gotta love a girl like that. We have yet to meet, BUT WE MUST!

Ohio blonde beauty who loves fashion and helping people! She and her hubby are the cutest couple!

Detroit gal who has ZERO DEBT! Yay! So happy for her for getting rid of it! :)

A small Yorkie with a BIG ATTITUDE that my dog Beverly has a mad crush on! Woof!

A Southern girl and mother of two who moved "SumWhereUpNorth" (Massachusetts)! She claims to love shoveling snow, which I don't believe!

"Sweet. Southern. Spirited." is the name of her blog and a description of her!

A little hot tamale who love shopping and has two cats named Lily and Joey!

A blondie from St. Joe's, Michigan, a place I used to go to on vacation when I was a little girl! XX

A fab Canadian!

Okay, so time to get sappy... Every time I'm sad or get down, I look at my blog or MySpace page, read some comments and realize how lucky I am to have the best blogging FRIENDS ever. I say "friends" because I think the word "fan" is stupid - I love ya'll as much as you hopefully love me, and I'm positive that if we all lived in the same city we'd hang out. Thank you so much for making me feel loved on a daily basis. I cannot thank you enough!