He Made it! Elvis on Stuff On My Cat

Oh my Gosh, he made it!!! Elvis on Stuff On My Cat

He's such a superstar. And I'm such a stage mom. OMG, I can see it now...

Due to his success at Stuff On My Cat, I'll start enrolling Elvis in beauty pageants and taking him on commercial auditions. He'll be successful, no doubt, and will make a lot of money, money that I'll end up stealing, of course, because that's what good stagemoms do. To drown his pain and sorrow, Elvis will turn to a life of drugs and alcohol. (It'll be the cheap stuff, like crack and Old English malt liquor, because that's all he'll be able to afford.) After hitting rock bottom, Elvis will go to rehab, which will be the beginning of a kick-butt comeback. After being the subject of an E! True Hollywood Story, Elvis will start getting roles -- not just in commercials and such -- but in real Hollywood Blockbusters. Fast forward... I'm walking Elvis down the red carpet, he's won the award and is standing on stage. After doing a couple one-armed push ups ala Jack Palance to show everyone what a stud he is, he'll say...

"Meow, meow, meow, meooooow."

...which a translator will translate to:

"I owe all of this to my mom, Karyn. I love you, you crazy bitch! Rock on!"


PS - I like our titles better.