Gross Words - Part II

So Trippy McTrip (that's me) struck again on Sunday. After having two martinis on the roof of Hotel Gansevoort, I tripped (on my heels? on a pebble? on nothing—I'm just a lightweight and a klutz?) on 13th Street and completely wiped out. I'm not talking about a wobble here, I fell face-forward onto the pavement. Thankfully no one was walking ahead of me, behind me, or across the street from me, so I saved myself some embarrassment. However, because I was wearing a dress and open-toed shoes, I completely skinned my knee AND ruined my brand new pedicure. Dangit.

Okay, so anyway, I've been hobbling around my apartment for two days now, trying to recover from the knee wound (I'm over my botched toe nails), and I've discovered two more words that completely gross me out. Back in February I admitted to not liking the word "moist," today I'd like to add "ointment" and "ooze" to that.

You see, my skinned knee is oozing yellow goo. Yeah, gross. To make sure it doesn't become infected, I've been smearing ointment on it. Yeah, gross again. OINTment. I think it's the OINT part that makes it so yucky.

More words that gross you out?