For Like Ever, A Perverted Mouse Trap, Stuff On My Cat

Hey all! Sorry for being M.I.A. I've been crazy finishing up the screenplay for 20 Times a Lady and should be done any day, so I'll give you an update on how things are going then. Until then, three quick things:

1) I've indulged in a little retail therapy to help deal with stress. Don't worry—I only spent $25 on a print/poster that I saw on the cover of Domino magazine. It's pink and pretty and says "For Like Ever" on it. What can I say?—it spoke to me. Strange things make me happy. I'm going to frame it. Here's a photo of it on the cover of the mag and alone:

Isn't it cool? It's apparently more pink than it appears to be on the cover. If you like it, you can get your own at Village. (If you get one, tell Chester that Karyn Bosnak sent you. I spoke to him on the phone and he couldn't have been nicer!)

2) My across-the-hall neighbor Charles has a mouse. Since it's not in my apartment, I don't think he should kill it. In searching for a humane trap on the internet, I came across the following one called a Teter Pong.

Um... is it just me, or does it look like a big black dildo?

And, finally...